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visual identity / web design & development

* C H A O S, according to physics: the property of a complex system whose behaviour is so unpredictable as to appear random, owing to great sensitivity to small changes in conditions."

Visual identity and website for Organise Chaos, event management wizards working across projects ranging from small exhibitions to large outdoor festivals. Festivals and live events are chaos, but there`s a strange kind of magic in that. The website is based on the idea that an event is a live organism, chaotic but adaptable.

We've hidden a little Easter egg, please reload the site a couple of times.


branding / packaging

Magical forest creatures, tree spirits and guardians of dreams, brought to life by Maša Barišić, Zagreb based fine artist. They scare nightmares away and bring peace, luck and abundance to every home. The visual identity is built on the ceramic creatures themselves, their shapes and patterns, creating a new visual language.



festival identity / promotional materials / web design & development

KLIKER festival is a unique international festival of dance, performing, music and visual arts. Through performances of various, but carefully selected performance formats, domestic and foreign artists introduce children to the art world. In addition to the performance programs, the festival also hosts workshops for children and parents, residencies and education programs for young artists and educators.

The 5th edition of Kliker Festival is exploring what it means to be different, tolerant, open and brave, to be human in spite of the insecurity and uncertainness we now face. Aimed at children from kindergarten through high school, the festival questions how art can help us find answers and shape a more inclusive, open world.


illustration / packaging

Visibaba is a gypsy brewery making unusual craft beers. Choko Oh No!, their latest baby was made in Poland as a limited edition beer. Choko is a Russian imperial chocolate stout with raspberries.


visual identity / illustration

Dubrovnik Craft Beer Festival is a two day event dedicated to promoting Croatian micro breweries. Commissioned by R-OH project and Valamar Dubrovnik, we made tiny models of Lokrum island and Dubrovnik Old Town, using a variety of papers, corrugated cardboard, rocks, cork and bass guitar strings (.110). And we loved every second of the process.

Photos of the models were used for a series of teaser postcards, the poster and other promotional materials.


branding / illustration / packaging

*patuljak { Croatian } = dwarf { English }

Pivara Patuljak is the first brewery from Subotica, Serbia, formed out of shared love for good beer and fun experiments.
The logotype is a play with type (the word "patuljak" has a slightly shorter stature), accompanied by a symbol derived from the local folk costume and transformed into a pattern, implemented on various packaging, t-shirts, glasses and other promotional materials. Each beer has an illustrated dwarf character and the background color of the label changes with the beer type (pilsner, dark pilsner).


visual identity / illustration

Every year, by the end of May, the city of Zagreb becomes a colorful Wonderland, with magic waiting to happen behind every corner. For the 23rd edition of the festival we tried to capture glimpses of that magic through a series of characters, connected to specific site locations of the festival. The characters were used on posters, the catalogue, flyers, accreditations, t-shirts and other promotional material.


visual identity / illustration / web

Visual identity and web for Write Tell, a company that plays with words, specialized in copywriting, translating and tour guiding. The logotype is "hacked" by transforming the "i" into a pencil and making the "&" a dotted line, suggesting movement. The website breaks out of the grid with a visual language driven by narrative collage animation.


visual identity / illustration series

Visual identity for FONETIKA parties, season 2017/ 2018.

Collaboration with Nikolina Steković


visual identity / illustration series

Illustrated story on recycling, renewable energy sources and how to help the planet we call home.
Commissioned and published by Domino Project.


visual identity / illustration series

Visual identity for H G C parties.
Season 2018.